Marswell99 Egg Free Brownie American Cake Mix Powder | 1kg


Flavour – Brownie American

Weight – 1Kg

Uses – Cake Mix

Shelf life – 06 Months



Marswell99 Egg Free Brownie American Cake mix Powder 1kg is a convenient mix to prepare moist eggless Brownie American cakes and sponges with nice rise, preferable output volume, good stability and an uniform crumb structure. It is an easy to use mix, that is perfect for preparing any kind of egg free layered cake mix or marble cake and has a perfect hint of Brownie American that tastes delicious with any whipped frosting you may be planning to use it with. This mix is an ideal solution for all professional as well as industrial bakers looking to delight their customers by preparing delicious eggless Brownie American cakes with minimum, efforts and in a short time.

  • Marswell99 This Eggless Brownie American Cake Mix is simple to bake and uses readily available ingredients.
  • These mixes are perfect for blending and for delicious cake proportions.
  • Product Shelf life: 6 months from date of manufacturing.
  • Simple to make All you need is Water and Butter/Oil.
  • Easy to use vegetarian Brownie American cake mix.
  • Good volume, dark & fine crumb structure.
  • Excellent taste profile & mouth feel.
  • Easy to bake and mess free delicious vanilla ready in just 30 minutes.
  • Egg-free, 100% Vegetarian.

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