Marswell99 Custard Powder Vanilla Flavour | 250gm


Flavour – Vanilla

Weight – 250g

Uses – Cake Mix

Shelf life – 06-12 Months



Marswell99 Custard Powder Vanilla Flavour helps you prepare delicious cake which will wow your guests. Top the custard with fruits for a delightfully. It can also be consumed hot or cold. Your desserts will also turn into a wonderful surprise with a made from this Custard Powder. So go ahead, buy Vanilla Flavour Custard Powder online now!

  • Product Shelf life: 06-12 months from date of manufacturing.
  • No added preservatives.
  • Premium quality Fine texture.
  • Adds sponginess to baked goods.
  • Makes for an essential baking ingredient.
  • Easy to Bake, Marswell99, Bakery Products.
  • The pack contains 250gm of Vanilla Flavour.


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